Mountain Hazelnut Venture – Hazelnuts for Bhutanese farmers

Mountain Hazelnut Venture is not a new venture but a very interesting one. It was the first 100 percent foreign direct investment company in Bhutan, aims at building a world class, triple bottom-line venture and at eventually becoming a major player in the global hazelnut market.

The social enterprise was founded with social, economic and environmental objectives in February 2010. It distributes young hazelnut plsants at no charge to a large number of subsistence farmers in Bhutan. The farmers then plant and harvest the trees and sell the resulting nuts back to the company at a price negotiated between the Bhutanese Government and the company. This deal significantly increases the cash income of participating farmers, improve the environment by reducing erosion and preserves rural Bhutanese communities.

The venture is 100% export oriented with a focus on the European market and is planning to export in excess of 40,000 metric tonnes of hazelnuts by 2020.

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