The Social Entrepreneur Revolution: Doing good by making money, making money by doing good

social entrepreneur revolution, social entrepreneurshipThe Social Entrepreneur Revolution: Doing good by making money, making money by doing good by Martin Clark elaborates what a social entrepreneur is and what they do. The book can be divided into 3 main topics:

1)      Famous social entrepreneurs

In the first part of the book, Clark identifies successful social entrepreneurs from different sectors all around the world. He presents case studies  and points out how they were able to create positive social impacts. Some of the most famous entrepreneurs he covers are Jamie Oliver who set up a restaurant in London to employ young people from underprivileged backgrounds and Muhammad Yunus, who founded the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh.

2)      Are you suited to become a social entrepreneur?

The following chapters describe what social entrepreneurs do and offer a self-assessment for readers. Clark points out that the 4 main components you need as a social entrepreneur are belief, values, mission and service to others.

3)      The important role of social entrepreneurs

The third part of the book talks about the importance of social entrepreneurs. They can be vital in pushing large corporations and governments in a more social direction and fighting social, cultural and environmental issues.

Overall, the book is a step-by-step guide on how to start and expand a social enterprise, achieve funding and make positive impacts on societies. The presented case studies also provide an insight into the life of social entrepreneurs and the challenges they are facing. The core learning is that in order to become a successful social entrepreneur, you have to find a gap in the market or solve a problem to improve the world in a way that is not solely centred around capitalism.

Definitely worth a read!


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