UnLtd India – an incubator for social entrepreneurs

social enterprise india

UnLtd India, an India based incubator for social entrepreneurs founded in 2007 recently published an external impact evaluation with great results.

UnLtd India works with early-stage entrepreneurs to help them prepare their organisations for scaling and further investment, develop as leaders and accelerate the growth progress. In this context they offer four key programmes depending on the needs of the social enterprise:

1)      Incubation support: seed funding and support

2)      Bootcamp: an intensive course to accelerate business growth

3)      Bombay Connect: a laboratory and co-working space for social change

4)      Social Mashup: a national conference for early-stage social entrepreneurs

What differentiates them from other incubators is that they support social enterprises at an extremely early stage before almost all other investors and support organisations would. Also, they offer entrepreneurs a complete ecosystem of seed funding, incubation support and co-working space with which they can launch and develop their ventures.

On 27 March 2012, UnLtd published an external impact evaluation with the following proves their business model successful. The key findings were:

  • UnLtd India is the only incubator in India with both financial and non-financial support for all types of social entrepreneurs from the earliest stages of development
  • For every Rupee invested, each investee program, on average, goes on to raise Rs 14.5 of further funding
  • The investees’ ventures have created 3.200 jobs so far and reached out to more than 4.2mio beneficiaries through their work
  • Opportunities for the future are an increased outreach and a more diverse set of investees

The full report is available here >>


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