Twitter accounts of Chinese social entrepreneurs


The website recently published an interesting list of Chinese social entrepreneurs and organisations. Below you can find their consolidated list of personal Twitter accounts for those who are directly building social enterprises in China, promoting social entrepreneurship, or support the concept in other ways:

@Calvin Chin – founder of Qifang, co-Founder of Transist and CEO of Schoenfield Foundation
@Catlin Powers – One Earth Designs: democratizing science & engineering
@Casey Wilson – Cofounder of Wokai
@Charles Watson – SolarLEAP is a non-profit organization based in Hong Kong providing off-grid schools with high quality solar powered computers.
@China CSR – This belongs to the author of the post on
@danielFoa – Founder of 51Sim
@Irving Steel – Founder of Green Drinks Shanghai and e8 Resource Consultancy
@Jeff Delkin – Cofounder of Bambu Home
@Mark J Laabs – Former COO of Climate Bridge and Co-founder of Slow food Shanghai
@Mingles Tsoi – Social Entrepreneur, Changemaker, Business Adviser
@Ming Wong – Investor and Co-Convenor of EngageHK
@Peggy Liu – Founder of @JUCCCE
@Qing Qing Q – Qing Qing is the of the Youchange Foundation
@Paul Angwin – Advising high net worth impact investors
@Philo Alto
@Raefer Wallis – Co-founder of GIGA Foundation
@Randal Eastman – Long time supporter of various social causes in China
@Ryan Dick – Co-founder of GIGA Foundation
@rolandinchina – Chengdu based social entrepreneur working on various causes
@Scott Ballantyne – Working at Transist incubating social enterprises in Shanghai
@Steven Frost – Co-founder of CSR Asia
@Sheila Seiler – Executive Director of BEAN Shanghai
@simroberts – Branding | Design Thinking | Social Entrepreneur
@Liu Yan – Founder of co-shared working space Xindanwei
@Tom Stader – Founder of The Library Project

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