Mirakle Couriers – Empowering Mumbai’s deaf

social enterprise asia

In 2009, Dhruv Lakra founded Mirakle Couriers, a social enterprise which employs the deaf community in India. Today, the company employs 64 deaf employees, where each of them has gained confidence and been empowered with financial independence. Dhruv considered a courier service ideal for the deaf as it requires a lot of visual skills such as map reading, remembering roads and buildings which the deaf are extremely good at.

The company employs 20 deaf women who are responsible for data entry, tracking, scanning, sorting and other functions at the branch. The remaining 44 employees are male deaf who operate as courier agents travelling on public transport, avoiding traffic and remaining aware of their surrounding environment. Communication between field agents and the branch staff is done through text messages.

Over the last two years the company experienced steep growth, is now operating two branches in Mumbai and delivering over 65,000 shipments per month. They are currently planning to expand their services to other Indian cities.

For more information, visit the Mirakle Couriers website here >>


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