Catalysts for Change – Reimagining the future of poverty


In April, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Institute for the Future (IFTF) joined forces with people across the globe and asked them to help fight global poverty through an interactive online game. The game was called Catalysts for Change and provided an opportunity for people to reimagine the future of poverty and global well-being. Armed with these insights, it will be easier to understand and address the root causes of poverty.

Catalysts for Change was played over a 48-hour span and leveraged simple 140-character messages to play cards. Each of these cards captured an idea and participants built on one another’s ideas. By building on the cards of one another, players started chain reactions of innovations and solutions that were more than the sum of their respective parts.

The results were impressive! Over 1,600 participants from 79 countries imagined more than 18,000 paths out of poverty which constitute a fantastic source for social entrepreneurs and innovative business models.

For a recap, visit the Catalysts for Change blog here>>

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