Leading Social Entrepreneurs of Pakistan: The Unsung Heroes (Iqbal M. Khan)

In his book, Khan introduces 92 entrepreneurs, their ventures and the inspiration and motivation behind their actions. All these individuals were able to make a lasting impact on Pakistan’s social economy and infrastructure.

The book is split into nine sections, starting off with a general overview of the book. This introduction is followed by more specific areas of social entrepreneurship namely education, health, children development, micro finance, community development, environment & heritage conservation, human rights, gender issues and women empowerment.

The Unsung Heroes provides a detailed description of the lives of each of the 92 social entrepreneurs. Their successes are analysed and readers are encouraged to acknowledge their contribution to the lives of people in Pakistan. The author believes that presenting socially engaged individuals and their successful ventures can inspire others to improve their lives and the lives of those around them as well. Khan also urges young people not to be deterred by the social challenges facing their country but to take action and find innovative ways to improve living conditions.

While the book only focuses on the social entrepreneurship scene in Pakistan, it provides several learnings about social entrepreneurship in general and is a very interesting read!



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